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 Advisory and Consulting Services:-

  • Designing Compensation Philosophy, Strategy and Market Positioning

  • Aligning Compensation Strategies and Practices to Business Strategy, Goals, Industry Best Practices and Workforce Profile

  • Design Compensation Structures and Strategy to improve retention, engagement, attract top talent, optimize fixed costs, align Performance and Rewards Strategy to achieve Business Goals

  • Design policies, market benchmarking surveys, market competitive analysis of compensation & benefits practices & programs

  • Designing salary ranges, performance-based annual merit increase structures, performance-linked variable incentives

  • Designing tax-friendly and flexible CTC/base salary structures, retention bonus and skill allowances

  • Structure and streamline annual rewards/salary increase processes and communication

  • Integration of  policies during Merger & Acquisitions

  • Search, evaluation, recommendation and implementation of technology to digitize annual rewards, compensation and benefits management/administration

  • Implementation, Support, Training and Communication of Plans, Policies and Structures

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