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"Mr Vinit Verma worked on a Consulting Assignment for us to help us design a 'Variable Performance Linked Incentive Policy and Structure'. We were very satisfied with the models and solutions proposed. We found them to be very useful for achieving our Business Goals and aligned to Market Practices. We were impressed by the commitment and timely delivery of the assignment. We look forward to more opportunities to engage Mr. Verma as our Consultant"
Anand Kutre
Managing Director
Hepatica Technologies Pvt Ltd
Bangalore, India
(Aerospace, Automotive, Transportation Engineering Services)

It is my pleasure to provide this testimonial for Mr. Vinit Verma, Managing Consultant, HRNetwork Plus Consulting. Mr. Verma worked on a Consulting Project for us, to 1. Design a Salary Planning Tool 2. Recommend Pay for Performance Salary Increase Model 3. Recommend Budgets for Salary Increase for Overall Organisation and Functions and evaluate the effectiveness of the Salary Increase Planning, for the period 25-06-2021 till 25-08-2021.  
Vinit has been phenomenal in his approach. I loved his approach of partnering, understanding the business, comprehending business challenges, and sharing best practices. He also demonstrates flexibility and openness to put skin in the game and take takes ownership of the outcomes.
We look forward to more opportunities to engage him as an Independent Consultant, for our Company.
We wish him success.
Megh Risaldar 
Director - Human Resources  
Screen-Magic Mobile Media Pvt. Ltd

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